"It Takes a Spark"

EDU Conferences 2018

QLD 15th AUG / VIC 14th SEPT / WA 9th NOV

Be a part of a new experience of education events designed by Students and Teachers for Students and Teachers in Australia.


In 2018, you’ll be inspired by engaging and forward thinking students, teachers and leaders in STEAM.

Choose your “It Takes a Spark” EDUConference location…

In 2017 we launched the innovative YES Conference – Youth Entrepreneur and STEAM Ambassadors. Feedback from the teachers and students who attended was overwhelming supportive. Guided by experienced teachers who form the steering committees in your State, the ‘It Takes a Spark’ conferences have been created to INSPIRE and INNOVATE you and your students.


Rachel Manneke-Jones

Registration & Bookings
Ph: 0411 270 277
E: rachel@spark-educonferences.com.au

Dr Adrian Bertolini

Conference Co-Ordinator
Ph: 0413 036 382
E: adrian@spark-educonferences.com.au