The Media Release Form will be sent via email upon registration. Alternatively download here then email through to Rachel:

Media on Premises: Our aim is to represent the conference in a positive light and support the advancement of STEM activities.
A media consent form is sent with your registration confirmation email (content below). We ask you complete and return to us prior to your attendance. We will assume your acceptance if not advised otherwise.

By attending and/or presenting at the It Takes a Spark STEM Conference, I understand that it is likely that I may be photographed or filmed by the media or conference representatives at the conference.
I grant permission to Spark EDU Conferences (conference organiser – SEC) and its agents, to use my:
1. If an organisation: the representatives’ name, the organisation name alongside an image reflecting their participation.
2. If a school: the school name (but not person’s name), with an image of a representing teacher/educator; if a student – my child/ward
In any SEC materials, including, but not limited to, official newsletters, websites, marketing material, televised broadcasts and major sponsors’ web sites (SEC Materials).
I waive any right to:
(a) Inspect or approve any SEC Materials which contain the aforementioned whether in draft or the final product;
(b) Royalties or other compensation in respect of the use as stated in 2.1 and / or 2.2 in the SEC Materials, now or in the future and whether I know of the SEC Materials or not.
I agree to release and discharge SEC and its agents, including, but not limited to, any organisation publishing and/or distributing the SEC Materials in whole or in part, whether on paper or via electronic media, from any and all claims for damages, loss, liability or other relief that I (organisation/teacher/school), and/or my child/ward may have against any of them in respect of their use in any SEC Materials.

Thank you so much for your support and cooperation. We look forward to partnering you to create an inspiring conference.


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Conference Co-Ordinator
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