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The following downloadable material is freely available as long as you follow Creative Commons License procedures (which means that you reference us and any of the appropriate organisations materials as coming from them).
If you do want to share these we ask that you point people to this website to download as we are constantly updating them as we receive feedback.

Digital Technologies Curriculum Guides

  • Digital Tech Curriculum Level F-2 AC – download
  • Digital Tech Curriculum Level 3-4 AC – download
  • Digital Tech Curriculum Level 5-6 AC – download
  • Digital Tech Curriculum Level 7-8 AC – download
  • Digital Tech Curriculum Level 9-10 AC – download
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STEAM Planning Templates and Examples (part of STEAM Planning Book I am writing)

  • STEAM Pre-Planning Template and Example – download
  • GRASP Model (UbD) – download
  • STEAM GRASP and Design Checklist Template – download
  • Example STEAM Unit Planner MVPS – download
  • Design Thinking Group Conferencing Template – download
  • Goal Setting and Reflection Template – download
  • STEAM Unit Planning Examples Steps 1 – 5 – upon request
  • Design Thinking Formative Rubric Teacher – in development
  • Pedagogy of STEAM – in development
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Self Regulated Resources

  • Self Regulated Learner Beginner to Skillful – download
  • Teacher Classroom Practices Self Regulated Learner – download
  • Student Self-Regulation Rubric Draft – download

Other Useful Documents

  • Deconstructed Science Inquiry Skills Level 6-10 – download
  • Deconstructed General Capabilities Documents – upon request
  • University of Arkansas STEM Challenges – download
  • *NEW 2020 Awesome STEM Activities for Children by Chief Scientist – download
  • *NEW How to run a sustainability themed Escape Room – download
  • *NEW Year 5 – 10 STEM Activities from Museums Victoria –  download

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Dr Adrian Bertolini

For those of you who don’t know my background, I have degrees in Science (Computer Science and Maths) and Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor and PhD) and I taught Aerospace Engineering at RMIT. I have worked in the not-for-profit sector empowering young people (primary and secondary age) to make a difference in the world through projects. I have also led transformational leadership programs for adults where they created projects that made a difference in the world (e.g. Fareshare). We have be running our educational consultancy for 13 years and the It Takes a Spark STEAM Conferences (girls) and the Youth Entrepreneurs and STEAM Conferences (boys) were developed as part of our deep passion to nurture and spark cross-sectoral  STEAM learning in schools.


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