VIC Presenter Registration 2024

Congratulations your workshop has been accepted!

Now it’s time to complete the registration form…

Please provide details of all presenters and support people attending.

  • If you are a school use this form to register everyone presenting (teachers and students) and non-presenting teachers and students.
  • If you are an organisation use this form to register everyone involved, please state the name of the workshop they are presenting when prompted.

Everyone will receive morning tea and lunch: as it is outsourced to a caterer, we require the exact number of people and their dietary requirements (if dietary is unknown, we will need to know 21 days prior to the event to cater for them). A reminder will be sent…

On this form we will ask you to upload:

  1. your Working With Children Check (or State equivalent), if you are not sure if you need one please view the requirements for each State here:
  2. the Job Safety Form (JSA) for each workshop you are presenting (sent with the workshop acceptance email) or you can request a new one to be sent.

If you would like to discuss any of the registration process please contact Rachel Manneke-Jones: / +61 0 411 270 277


Rachel Manneke-Jones

Registration & Bookings
Ph: 0411 270 277

Dr Adrian Bertolini

Conference Co-Ordinator
Ph: 0413 036 382

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